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Artichoke Tea


    Fellow Gastronomers if you have never had Artichoke tea, it’s time for you explore. Artichoke is not only refreshing. It is super easy to make. If you know how to turn on the stove, you can make this.

    This recipe was adapted from http://www.greenchedy.com

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    Separate the leaves, stalk, and roots, and wash them properly.

    Place artichokes and water in to a large stock pot.Bring everything to a boil.

    At this point cut the heat (turn off the fire) and let it stand for 10 minutes to two hours.

    When the artichoke sinks you are done.

    Strain and store the light-green or yellowish liquid in clean container/bottle.

    You can enjoy it hot or cold.

    At this point you can sweeten the tea but try it first as we learn in the science article that artichokes tend to add sweetness.

    Happy explorations Gastronomer!

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