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Chipati Bread

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250 gr Flour
1 cup Water warm
1 teaspoon Salt
1 tablespoon Oil
1/2 teaspoon Butter on each chapatti (optional)

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Chipati Bread


    This Indian bread is very easy to make. I use "00' flour but you can use whole wheat flour or chickpea flour as well. This bread pairs well with hummus, soup, curry or just a little butter.

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    Mix in salt into the flour.

    Add a little warm water mixing the flour with your fingers in circular motion adding little water at a time.

    The flour will look like coarse sand.

    Slowly add more water until the dough starts coming together in a ball.

    Once it comes together into a ball form then knead the dough with your fist and knuckles till it is soft for around 10 minutes.

    Try to get most of the dough off your hands during the kneading.

    The dough might look uneven and be a bit sticky but not to worry.

    If the dough is too sticky add a little bit of flour.

    Cover the dough with a cloth or damp paper towl and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.

    After letting the dough rest moisten your hands with a teaspoon of oil then knead the dough for another 5 minutes until it turns into a smooth, soft dough.

    Roll the dough into a log and cut 10 equal size balls.

    Flatten one lightly and dust the ball with flour on both sides.

    Keep the remaining balls covered with a damp cloth or paper  towel while you make the chapatis.

    Start rolling them with a light hand from inside out.

    Heat the pan to medium low and place chapati on it.

    Within 10 seconds flip to another side and increase the flame to medium high.

    Let it cook for a minute rotating the chapati every few seconds to ensure all the sides get cooked evenly.

    Once you see there are brown spots on the underside, flip it over.

    Once flipped air will start filling up the chipati.

    You want to lightly press down with a dry towel on the areas filling up so as to encourage the air to pass through the entire chipati.

    If there is any tear or hole, press the towel on it so the air doesn’t escape.

    The air or the puff ensures that the bread is light and soft but even if it doesn’t puff up entirely, it is going to be tasty.

    Repeat the process with the next chipati.

    Once all the chapatis are ready, quickly brush some ghee on each one of them.

    You can skip this if you want to avoid the extra fat but ghee makes the world a better place.

    Line the container (any container that retains heat for longer time) with a large cloth towel.

    As you cook chapatis put them in the container and cover the ends of the cloth.

    Continue doing it till all the chapatis are made and then give it a final covering of the cloth. Cover with lid.

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